House Church Services

Weekly meetings in-person or online


Big events are fun, but we generally find real relationships, growth and change in smaller settings. That's why we intentionally planned on House-Church gatherings across the region, meeting in the homes of the people in our church. 

We currently have weekly meetings every Wednesday night in LYNNWOOD, or stream it live ONLINE from YouTube Live or Facebook Live

live stream

Join the live stream each Wednesday right here!

united Services

Home Churches Come Together

We invite you to come participate in our NEWEST service expression. All of our House Churches come together occasionally for united worship in a rented venue. Locations and times vary, so get the app, or connect on Facebook or Twitter to stay informed. 


What to expect

We’re very much a “come-as-you-are” kind of place. You don’t need to be perfect, dress up or even believe the same to be here.

  • Most people bring their smartphone or tablet to follow along with the service, including all the scriptures, at or using the FREE Bible APP. 
  • When the band starts playing, you’ll love the songs. That’s because one of our favorite things at Sound Church is great music.
  • After the music, you’ll hear a talk but it won’t be a typical sermon. It will make you laugh, think, and it will give you something you can use in real life.