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When the Fat Lady Sings: 12/13/17

It's not over until it's Over

Short Sighted Rich People: 11/01/2017

Going Deeper: 10/25/2017



Who is Jesus and who are you?? 10/4/2017

Would anyone know you are a Christ Follower? Jesus asked, "Who do you say that I am?" And we ask, "Who do people say you are?" 

Who is Jesus and who are you?? 9/27/2017

Would anyone know you are a Christ Follower? Jesus asked, "Who do you say that I am?" And we ask, "Who do people say you are?" 

Church at the Bar 9/24/2017

Under Arrest: Pastor Judson shares about his experience in jail in a foreign country, and how many of us may be under arrest in our everyday lives. 

End of the World? 9/20/2017

Every so often, people predict the end of the world. While I am sure that Christ will return soon, Jesus Himself offers stiff warnings about date predictions. Check it out here!

Evidence in His Presence 9/13/2017

Evidence of Go is all around us, but the biggest evidence is the love He has for you. 

Church Idols?? 9/6/2017

I doubt you pray to a statue, but idolatry may be all around us. Check out this crazy prophetic passage from Ezekiel and pray about how we can give God all you've got!

Have to or Get to? 8/30/2017

The mindset you use to approach opportunities often determine their outcomes. Do you "have to" do it or do you "get to"?

It's All Good 8/23/2017

God is closer and better than you think. 

#Charlottesville 8/16/2017

With tragedy all around, people are pointing fingers and looking for hope. How should we respond when the world is falling apart all around us? 

Respond to Culture 8/9/17

As culture shifts and changes, it's not always for the better. But how should we as believers respond to culture? Join us as we talk about the options we have before us.

Romans 12 8/2/17

Worship is more than just a SLOW SONG... 

Prophetic Worship 7/26/17

Great acoustic worship with prophetic words of knowledge and healing. 

Church at the Bar 7/23/17

The Anchor Pub hosts the monthly Church at the Bar worship event. 

The Narrow Way 7/19/17

The Narrow way isn't meant to make it harder for you. God has better for you, and it's available for you to follow now. 

What is Truth? 7/12/17

Is there absolute Truth? "Everybody's Doing it" Join us for Live worship with Pastor Judson as we talk about what it is like to build an online church community.

Worship & Prayer 7/5/17

Join us for Live worship with Pastor Judson as we talk about what it is like to build an online church community.

Worship & Prayer 5/31/17

Live worship with Pastor Judson.

Worship & Prayer 5/24/17

Live worship with Judson and company, sprinkled with live prayer requests. 

Worship & Prayer 5/17/17

Live worship with Dave and Judson, sprinkled with live prayer requests. Oh yeah, and Pastor Kristina prays live! 

Worship 5/10/17

This Inspired message during worship will speak to your soul. Maybe.

Worship and Text-in Prayer

Nothing but worship, prayer and encouragement for your soul! Do you need prayer? Text us your prayer requests at 425-835-2267 or get in touch by clicking here for the contact page.

Dry Bones Part 4

We all want the Breath of God, but what good is it without something to breath into?

Church at the Bar

Pastor Judson drops the F-Bomb on Forgiveness in this unique #ChurchAtTheBar service from the Anchor Pub in Everett, WA  

Dry Bones Part 3

If faith comes by hearing, then you had better hear this! 

Dry Bones Part 2

Sometimes obedience to God is just a starting point. Watch here to learn more about the origins of Enthusiasm and what that means to you for the complete plan of God for your life.  

Dry Bones Part 1

Can God do the impossible? What impossible things have you dismissed that God wants to accomplish? Join Sound Church Live for a thoughtful look at the crazy passage from Ezekiel 37, the Valley of Dry Bones. 

Soul Detox Pt 4: Seduced Soul

The MOST Dangerous part of the Seduced soul is that you have NO IDEA that you are seduced. How can you identify if you might be dealing with stuff you don't even recognize in your soul in part 4 of "Soul Detox".

Soul Detox Pt 3: Tortured Soul

What's making your soul Tortured? Tired of doing the things you DON'T want to do? Find out how you can become free from a Tortured soul in part 3 of "Soul Detox".

Soul Detox Pt 2: HeAvy Soul

What's making your soul HEAVY? Find out how you can overcome a heavy soul in part 2 of "Soul Detox".

Soul Detox Pt 1 Restless Soul

What's chipping away at your soul? What's getting in the way of you becoming the person God created you to be? Let's explore how we can neutralize damaging influences and embrace clean living in "Soul Detox."

Special Guest Brendan Brooks

Enjoy the live worship with Brendan Brooks and Dylan Welsh and then stay around for the interview talking about overcoming hurt from those we should be able to trust.  

*Apologies for some technical details near the beginning*

Did Jesus really come back from the dead?

For some, this might be an obvious answer, but for others, its something to consider. Lear why this central question might matter more than everything else in the Christian belief system. 

Knowing God's Will

So many are doing all they can to try to know and find God's will for their lives. It seems to elude us, but God isn't trying to hide it from you. Check this video to see how you can discover God's best for yourself! 

Do You Want to Get Well?

It seems like an obvious question, but Jesus had a good reason to ask. And now this question is something each of u needs to answer.